Get in front of design professionals 24/7.

For professional designations requiring continuing education, AEC Daily is the industry leader, having developed close to 3,000 CE courses.

We follow evolving AIA standards and can provide expert guidance to:
  • Convert existing courses to CE credit courses
  • Consolidate different content
  • Create new courses
  • Develop nano courses
AEC Daily fully manages your CE with Online:
  • Tracking and reporting all credits
  • Issuing certificates

AEC Daily maintains over 4 million user sessions every year and understands what learners and building product manufacturers need.

The highest quality courses

Courses available in learners' preferred Formats

Course promotion

 (Banners, Home page Feature, Social Media and Email blast via AEC Daily network)

Qualified Leads

Track all user data plus unique custom survey questions about future use of your product.

AEC Daily reaches the widest range of Certification partners

AEC Daily’s proprietary CE Technology Platform

Central to AEC Daily’s leadership in the industry is our unique and proprietary Stats Site

  • Provides rich information on learners and their specifying intentions
  • Event file option is a secure tool enabling movement of learner data to your internal network

Our education team and course creators exceed the expectations of learners and the standards set by AIA.

  • Director of Education is an architect and LEED AP
  • Dedicated interior designer on staff
  • Staff architect is supported by a team of:
    • Professional educators
    • Project managers
    • Education program developers
    • Online learning specialists
    • Design experts
    • Professional editors
  • Architectural professionals review the supplied content/material with you to decide on course framework; you are assigned a dedicated course developer.
Architect looking at blueprints

“We could not have asked for a better team to provide such a high level of engagement and impact. We highly recommend working with the AEC Daily Team to optimize your AIA/CES presentation success!”

“AEC Daily supplies us with the metrics and statistics that help us to grow new relationships with specifiers and design professionals throughout the country.”

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