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We Help You with Your Training Needs!

Keep Your Branding Consistent, Lower Warranty Claims, Protect Against Litigation, and Grow Your Channel Sales

Allow us to create your very own learning hub as a seamless extension of your website!

Your brand, your courses, and you own all the information gathered on installers and distributors who come to learn.

What Is Learning Portal?

AEC Daily Learning Portal is a branded extension of your website, allowing you to host unlimited courses for an unlimited audience…all for a fixed monthly subscription.

What Does It Offer You?

Your Own Learning Hub on Your Own Website:

Every installer or distributor wanting to learn about your products will come to your website to find and take your courses, creating further opportunity for them to browse the other services and products showcased on your website.

No Need for Internal IT:

We handle the creation and implementation of your online course and landing page. You don’t need to worry about anything technical—we handle all of that for you! The best part? We can have you up and running in 6 weeks!

Ability to Upload Unlimited Courses for No Extra Cost:

There is no need to pick or choose which courses you want to deliver online. With Learning Portal, our clients experience the benefit of offering as much training as they want, with no extra or hidden charges.

Learning Portal Impacts Your Business Well Beyond Training.


Grow Channel Sales:

An independent study of channel sales teams showed that swapping face-to-face training for online training resulted in a 14% growth in sales from the channel. Consistent, clearly branded, and easy-to-access product education, available 24/7, makes you easier to work with and makes it easier to sell your product.

Reduce Product Defect Liability:

Did you know that building product manufacturers are facing increasing liability lawsuits regarding the way they educate on the installation and use of their products?

It is no longer legally acceptable to distribute instruction manuals as your only means of installer training. Large settlements have been paid by building product manufacturers because of this, as judges have ruled there is no way to prove installers “have read and understood the material.”


Old approaches to training and education can’t support today’s legal requirements!


Find out how Learning Portal can protect you from liability lawsuits today!


Reduce the Cost of Warranty Claims

Did you know that the U.S. build industry spends just over US$4B on warranty claims each year?

Did you know as much as 50% of those claims are caused by a lack of education on the installation and use of a product?

Learn how you can save your company money and lower the amount of warranty claims you receive using our Learning Portal service!


Ask Us about Other Benefits of Learning Portal:

  • Relieve instructor constraints
  • Reduce costs in time and travel
  • Reduce distributor turnover
  • Increase training consistency
  • Be viewed as a more professional company
  • Increase product credibility
  • Increase installer and channel sales loyalty and reach

Check out some of the major companies in the build industry currently benefiting from Learning Portal:

Get Your Own Online Education Course as a Branded Extension of Your Website! We Can Have You Up and Educating in Just 6 Weeks!

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