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Who Are We?

AEC Daily is the largest provider of online continuing education for the design-build industry with connections to the top 500 design firms.

We are closing in on providing 2 million educational credits.

What Do We Offer You?

  • AEC Daily is a full-service AIA platform provider that helps create and maintain educational courses on products in the design-build industry.
  • Course can be created, consolidated from existing materials, or converted from other platforms.
  • Our online courses are hosted in several formats including HTML5 and PDF and support video, audio, and external links.
  • When you partner with AEC Daily, you don’t need to worry about anything!
  • Our team will take care of building the course, gaining continuing education approvals from any or all of the 40 associations we partner with, and launching your course.
  • We work closely with you to make sure your online course looks and performs the way you want.

Why Partner with AEC Daily?


Reach the largest community of design professionals including the top 500 design firms:

Are your instructors running out of steam leading face-to-face courses? Are you not getting as many learners out to your face-to-face learning sessions? We’ve got you covered.

With our online continuing education hub, you will no longer be restricted by venue capacity or geographical location. You will now have the ability to reach learners anywhere in the world!

Give your education courses exposure to the over 350,000 visits we get to our website every month!

Actionable Data from Active Design Professionals:

No More Cold Calling!

When you sign up to create an AEC Daily online course, you are granted access to all the important information about every person who takes your course.

This allows you to see the:

  • Name
  • Company
  • Position
  • Contact Info
  • Course Progress
  • Test Scores

of every design professional who takes your course.

And that is just the beginning! We are unique in the market by giving you the ability to ask questions of those taking the course. Things like: Do you have a project in mind? Will you specify our product in the future?—powerful questions to help you prioritize and sell!

Get important feedback from your course takers


Get important feedback from your course takers

Acquire information on potential prospects


Acquire information of potential prospects

Provide Certification Opportunities for Your Prospects:

With the AIA continuing to change the minimum standards for approved continuing education and courses, YOU can be the manufacturer who helps your customers keep up to date!

We offer you the capability to continue to alter your course content to maintain your AIA course approvals and provide a reason for your prospects to keep coming back to learn about YOUR products.

All Our Certification Partners

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And Growing…

Get Your Products Specified by Architects and other Design Professionals!

Check out some of the major companies in the build industry currently benefiting from partnering with AEC Daily:

Check out some testimonials directly from our satisfied clients:

Our team at S-5! recently engaged AEC Daily to create, host, and promote an AIA-accredited online education course, “The Solar-Ready Roof: Optimize the Design.”

I was very pleased with the process from beginning to end. The AEC Daily production team enhanced the quality of our technical information and provided a very professional look to the final presentation. They exhibited complete professionalism, from providing targeted dates for ease of completing my responsibility to developing additional supporting information.

AEC Daily continues to provide consistent customer service with a dedicated representative to handle our account. Our rep provides social media attention to promote our S-5! brand and interacts with us regularly to be sure we are achieving success with our program, as well.

I am extremely pleased with the results we are experiencing. We are receiving a high level of traffic to our course, and the takers are offering us valuable feedback through custom-designed evaluations. This feedback has also connected us with several specifiers and design professionals for additional promotion and interaction.

I highly recommend the team at AEC Daily to provide an exceptional educational experience to reach the specifiers in targeted markets.


Harry Lubitz, CSI, CDT, RCI

Architectural and National Accounts Director
Metal Roof Innovations, Ltd., S-5! Attachment Solutions

As a small company with a niche product, we historically directed all of our efforts to our distributor network. They were getting the jobs and our business was growing.

A few years ago, we changed direction a bit and targeted architectural and design communities. We tried numerous venues to get more attention to our products in hopes of getting more projects specified.

Unfortunately, we never knew who was looking at our website and the different categories we offer.

A few months ago, we received an email from AEC Daily about creating a continuing education course. We liked the idea and started the process. The course went live in early June. Since then, over 100 viewers have taken the time to either download or take the class.

50 have already taken and passed the course. Many have made comments, and we can follow up with them. In fact, we are starting to get requests for face-to-face meetings.

Thank you, AEC Daily. The course is generic, about invisible hinges, but more folks are taking the time to see who and what SOSS Door Hardware is all about.

Michael A. Nowakowski

VP Sales & Marketing
SOSS Door Hardware


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