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Spend all your time talking to your learners...
We will handle the rest!

Leverage the powerful technology of today to make your face-to-face sessions easier!

Automate administration, step away from association reporting, and let your instructors focus on quality time with learners in their sessions.

AEC Daily Live is the major player in managing face-to-face education in the build industry.

What Is AEC Daily Live?

AEC Daily Live is an end-to-end automation tool for managing your face-to-face education and saving you time and money, while giving your instructors time to run more sessions…all for a fixed monthly subscription.

Get started for as low as $75 a month!

What Does It Offer You?

Session Automation

• Pre-registration by learners through the device of their choice
• Digital attendance confirmation
• Certificate generation and distribution

Automation reduces errors and rework and provides a permanent, off-site, digital record of all course activity, available for your access at any time.


Association Reporting

Our clients tell us that dealing with the ever-changing protocols around session registration and credit reporting to AIA, IDCEC, LACES, and GBCI is time consuming and frustrating.

That’s why we will take care of all that for you! With over 20 years of experience, we are the premiere experts in association reporting.

AEC Daily Live will make sure your sessions are properly registered, remind instructors if courses aren’t closed out, handle the credit reporting, and even make you aware of when your courses are expiring with each association.


Increase Productivity

Instructors will have more time in every session to focus on the learners there instead of processing attendance and other administration.

With less prework setting up and closing out a session, instructors will have the ability to run more sessions than they can today!

Live provides management oversight so you can see all necessary information surrounding your sessions and instructors (for example, how many sessions and where).

Check out some of the major companies benefiting from AEC Daily Live:

Satisfied clients are saying:


I have been really happy with the exposure and the fact that we have had over 1,000 course takers in a year.

Having schlepped lunches and samples to architects’ offices for years, I know how difficult it is to do that in person.

There is no way I could have physically made direct contact with that many people and with such great contacts—SOM, HOK, Gensler, and so many others.

Thanks again for your help!


Renee Ewing
Commercial Sales Manager
Reveal Windows & Doors, Pacific Architectural Millwork


Get Started for as Low as $75 a Month!

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